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ToS violations


I stumbled across a forum being hosted on this site that has illegal material being posted to it

I would rather keep this information as private as possible, so can someone please tell me how to directly contact the administrators of this site?

myff admin

Simply post the link here.

I would rather not advertise and promote the material being posted to this forum...

Is there a way I can contact you directly? I tried using the PM system, but it says I didn't have enough posts to use it

myff admin

Any link posted if indeed it does point to illegal material will be immediately removed.
myff admin

To further allay any concerns I have placed you on "moderation" so any post will only be visible to moderators and admins.

Hey guys,

Can you please do something about this thread?

I know it's an old thread, but I've worked on some of these sites in the past, and this is insulting to the owners of the sites.

I was under the impression that MyFreeForum did not allow warez:

- Promote warez. Post links to copyright material on file sharing or other services that are not regarded as reputable public operations that take full responsibility for material on their servers.
- Allow the posting of pornographic material or links
- Ignore your responsibility to keep your forum operating within the terms and conditions

Password trading is in violation of general copyright law, and should fall under the warez category:

I approached the administrator and moderators of this forum about this thread, and I got a rather odd response. While basically acknowledging the thread was illegal and in violation of your site's terms of service, they have continued to promote this thread and ignored any requests of mine.

Can someone take responsibility for this and please step in and handle the situation properly?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated

myff admin

The last post to that thread was in 2009. So this is hardly a promoted thread.

This strikes me as someone looking for an issue to complain about.

But yes it should be removed, and I will notify the owners.

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