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TopGamingKingz for gamers

here is my forum, i am just looking for people to watch the forum for spammers and mabye
could help around. my forum actually grew.. but not that big. i am working on it. plese drop by and check it out. thanks.

Looks good but in the early stages of the forum you'll find that most people will not start a topic of there own but reply to current topics, don't ask me why because that puzzles me still anyway an empty category is not good so the following 2 categories need some topics adding.

Celebrity Buzz
There's plent of news on celebrates and some things might be news to many people. Like MJ's death as sad as it was, was a big discussion. Celebraty Big Brother has opened up room for discussion into celebs like who will win, who will be kicked out etc. Linsdy Lohan (spelling) offers more than enough gossip than several celebs put together. Look around the web see what news there is, use the news as a talking point and have things like post pics (none nude) of your favourite celebs things like that will help boost discussions in that area.

Halo 2
Now not many people might still play this game but there could be some so getting some hints and tips going there will help those and make them want to keep coming back and ask questions, a cheats topic that is based around single player not multiplayer and other things that are or could be of interest to player's and fans out there. If you get things that interest people for each part of your forum you'll have greater interest in things, a nice forum means nothing, you can have the best looking forum on the internet but that is not going to bring success. Articals are what counts, making great topics will help boost interest in your forum and search engines could add you to there searcg engines faster because of topics you and other's have made.

Hope these help you out some how.

lol, thanks. i dont know my friend say to add those in because some people like them and i added the celebrity buzz for fun

The celbs area is a high talking area, people buy mag's to see who's doing what, and watch tv celb programs etc so that shopuld be a good section however it all depends on how much work you and other's put into making it a high traffic section. The other section was and still is a popular game so adding things like walkthroughs, tips, general cheats like health and armour that are for the sole use in sigle player games, i belive cheats for multiplayer is against the T&C of MYFF so don't add that content if you find or know of any. Anyway your friend seems to know what he's talking about so your in safe hands, good luck it can be hard getting a forum off the ground. My tip is to add content that is interesting, like some people have posted on youtube Michael Jackson's ghost (its fake) but still some people might want to see it and some people might never have known about those video clips, adding discussions on things like that are a good way to bring interest to a topic and a section that might otherwise remain a low trafic area.
myff admin

Multiplayer cheats wreck the games for everyone else. Hence the rule.

what multiplayer cheats do i have on the forum? and do i have to take them off?

No one said you do have any multiplayer cheats just saying don't put them on the forum, if you are not sure if you have any cheats that can be used in multiplayer, then my advice is search the net and see if any cheats you have can be used in multiplayer games. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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