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Hi admiin 3 years ago i asked if you could tweek the top poster portal to include options that we could view top posters on the day, wek , month ect,
in a bigger forum it became invaluable to see who has been posting ect, is there any way you can do it for phpbb3 now please, its a add on that is really needed on my part.
myff admin

My problem right now is time

I want to add more to the forums, but I have been side tracked by having the job of technical director of what is probably Britainís fastest growing tech company, a company that is supporting 30 odd staff right now with many more being recruited.

Combine that with my firm belief that myff has stayed on track by virtue of adding a lot, but adding it with an awful lot of thought, and we reach a bit of an impasse for now  

My basic plan is to get in a solid week on the forums as soon as the sheer white heat of pressure dies down, but for that I need a few more staff on board, and for that we need to complete our office move scheduled in 4 weeks so new staff don't have to sit on each others laps  

Please bear with me on this, in the current economic climate having been able to grow a company to employ what will be dozens of people quite shortly is pretty remarkable, and I think the good service from myff over the years gives us a little rope on customer tolerance of not adding new stuff for a bit. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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