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Too many sections?

Okay, just looking for an opinion here...  Personally, I prefer the organization of having multiple categories and having the forums separated by topic - more or less.  Is this too much though?

I'd list them all, but I have a lot... Check the site to see.

It's worthwhile watching the categroies for activity. At the moment you seem to ahve a fairly even spread of posts within the categories.

I have a lot of categories on mine too and I thinned them down recently. I had 4 categories covering computer games xbox, ps3 etx... but thinned them into one [I don't show it to public as it's a bit off topic for my forum]

Just keep your eye on it

Combine all the station game forums into 1 for now. I would say combine forum suggestions with problems, but that is up to you. As long as it has posts and topics in it going it should be fine. Forum Index -> Running your community
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