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times they are a changing

Last year the office party was dinner around a table in a pub, maybe about 15 there.

This years has occurred just after we have moved into swanky new offices, that are going to be too small within months, and the office do was all champagne, free bar, canapés and posh dinner at a 4 star hotel   and what with partners about 50 people.

It is all exciting times

What was year one? Packet of crisps and a bombay mix?  

Way back then my design work was ok at best, with some ropey graphics and overuse of tables, but now, much nicer graphics, better layout structures, learning me some css3 and html5 bits and bobs, as well as continuing to tweak at php, when I have the time.

Cannot honestly believe it's been six long and even at awkward times, enjoyable to be part of this.

Current project if anyone's interested is my music, mostly trance/house: (don't look on a tablet, need to tweak some images to resize and get others to work ) Forum Index -> Off Topic
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