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Time limit on backup purchase?

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The previous owner of our forum paid for a copy of the database etc way back in September 2010 for testing, with a view to moving to a server of our own a few months later...however this move didn't happen (mainly because I went on an unexpected maternity 'leave' and not up to doing anything techy   ). I am currently testing with that old copy with a view to moving in the near future. Would I need to pay for the database again as it's been so long? I notice in the control panel it says "Payed hosting until: 2011-04-27"

myff admin

If its paid for its paid for, after that length of time I might want to confirm in our records that is was paid for. But there is no time limit.

Oh brilliant! Thanks  

I have a copy of email with the attachments you sent the previous owner if that helps you trace the purchase was sent on Thu, Sep 9, 2010.

If/when you can confirm it has been paid for could I please have a more up to date backup for testing. The forum has grown somewhat since 2010  
myff admin

A backup has been sent to the forum owners email address.

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