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adriano gt

Threat of death in the MKMP forum

Hello members, Greetings... sorry by bad english, please.
I come here to make this complaint about death threat by someone from the members of the MKMP forum.
Your name is "undertaker" .... he threatened the member "magicalflare" of death.
Both exchanged threats.
See the print:

For days I tried to resolve the situation in a friendly way ... until I was banned from the forum.

This is a worrying situation ... both adults and residing in the same country.
The two live exchanging offenses and insults through facebook.

"undertaker" is a well known member of the mugen scene, for being a troublemaker.
He treats people with offenses, cursing, insults, threats, mockery, name calling ...
And this has always been tolerated by the administration and moderation of MKMP.
Even "undertaker" has the habit of mocking people's nationality.
Here is a print where an administrator demonstrates knowing the issue, and even then the problem continues:

Here is a character where "undertaker" uses the colors of the flag of my country to provocations:


All this drama and discussion was erased, according to the administrator's own quotation:

I believe that the administration and moderation of MKMP should not tolerate racism, xenophobia and other forms of discrimination .... however, the whole discussion lasted days and had more than 10 pages of drama.

Myfreeforum, I appreciate the space and I hope a position.
Thank you very much
myff admin

If there is anything to be taken seriously there, you have submerged it in a tonne of playground squabbling that is of no concern to myff.

If there is a serious matter in there, you have to distill what you tell us down to something unacceptable under the terms and conditions, or something that can actually be taken seriously as a genuine threat.

By the seems of it, the forums admins who would know better than we would, do not see anything that is cause for real concern.
adriano gt

I just think that xenophobia and discrimations should not be tolerated ... not these days, in 2017?
myff admin

We do not tolerate racist forums, but when the matter is individual posts then it is up to the forum admins to control it.

If it is at an unacceptable level, then vote with your feet.

For that matter the links you gave were not even showing anything racist in the bits looked at. Once again if there is a real issue it was submerged under the trivia.
adriano gt

Ok ... and when the administrator of a forum can not contain the actions of a member?
The user "undertaker" used the colors of the flag of my country, for pure debauchery.
adriano gt

The administrator Styx, continues to cover the actions of the undertaker member
old print:

Now undertaker started to threaten me on YT:

This is clearly an incitement to hatred and violence.

I just got this thread shown today.
All the participants involved in this drama got banned. The thread is gone.
Since every side complained that they felt not treated fair by private messages in the forum, in other forums and in facebook etc. I decided to permaban all the parcitipants, to avoid dramas like this.
About youtube: I can't be hold responsible for things said by any member to another member outside of the forum, I have no remote control for them or have any control over their actions.
myff admin

thanks for the reply, it certainly seemed something that needed dealing with within the forum itself and not from above.
adriano gt

User undertaker is attacking me in another forum ....
I would like to make sure that it has been permanently banned in mkmp
For the sake of justice
Why is he attacking me?
adriano gt

I think the administration here was not good enough ...
This shows the fall of everything. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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