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this web page is not available??

Everytime i post a topic in my forum it comes up with this .................

This web page is not available.

The web page at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

 More information on this error
myff admin

I can confirm there is an error, but a lot of the responsibility for diagnosis should at least start your end.


You know what you have just been doing.

Have you changed template?
added a portal?

Can you undo what you did to get it back working?
myff admin

You also seem to have disabled the forum in the admin panel in admin/configure  

LOL...... thanks, i just fixed it! sorry im new to this!

Thought i had fixed it, but its still saying '' this page is unavailable everytime i post or make a sticky. But when i refresh the page my post does appear on my forum. I dont even know what ive done so i can fix it any ideas anyone? all help is much appreciated
myff admin

Have you no recollection at all as to what you might have done?

Have you changed back to a different template so you can see if it is a template issue?

Have you been doing ANYTHING with portals.

We can and will support people, but we are flying blind you should know something about what you have done and are in a position to try things like template changes to narrow down what the issue might be.

Hi i think i did something with the portals.
myff admin

We can't see that, and as ever in this thread you presumably know something about what you did, we don't.
myff admin

can quite easily just wipe out all portal edits for a forum. But as I say you should know something about what you have done. Forum Index -> Running your community
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