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Thinking of starting my own form

My career choice means I am very busy.
If I started a forum how often would I have to look in whilst setting up to ensure it remained open.

Thank you.

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Your forum is unlikely to be purged from the system unless all the members are deleted and the forum disabled.

One proviso to this is that if your forum is allowed to be spammed heavily it will be flagged up on the system and likely suspended.

If you do start a forum Samuel, then let us know.
Can you pm me on the ngl and let me know what is going on?

Thank you.

I too have been considering starting my own, small forum.  I have seen MYFF boards, and some other free hosted forums, but I am concerned that if my small group of friends/members want to discuss adult topics, that we would be penalized.  We are all adults, with a wide range of interests, and adult material is no exception.  If I get IPB or vBulletin, or even download PHPBB3 can my forum be hosted here?  The idea on the forum is to make content visible only to registered members from the Admin Control panel.  That would prevent minors from accessing our discussions.
myff admin

Adult is not an issue as such, but yes there are boundaries.

Thanks!  Like I said, not interested in a porn forum, just a place where adults can chat about adult matters without the prying eyes of children being unduly influenced. Forum Index -> Running your community
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