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Theme has changed


My forum appeared as the subSilver theme about 10 minutes ago, but i have the board configuration set to a JustFooty theme for myfs_footballitalia1

I checked the overall_footer.tpl and the JustFooty copyright is in there so the myfs_footballitalia1 should still be the JustFooty theme.

Actually the myfs_footballitalia1 template has disappeared from the dropdown list for copying templates. I didn't know i could delete templates and i'm fairly sure i haven't.

Here's a snapshot...


What other admins are there?

Something like that does not just happen.

There are 3 other admins, Dave, Curva Fiesole and Mezz.

Just incase this had something to do with it, I did type into the cms_mobile.tpl in the myfs_footballitalia2 template as i was trying to figure out the mobile portal, but i didn't edit the myfs_footballitalia1 template.

Cms_mobile.tpl is not a used template, some portals don't use a template file.

You or your admins have done something but I don't know what.

Is there an actually way that we can delete myfs_footballitalia1 from the list of created templates, yet still be able to choose myfs_footballitalia1 to edit?

There is a template called subSilver that you can see in my snapshot from my second post in this thread, that was created when i messed up the login.tpl file a long time ago and had to create the subSilver from the Forum Control Panel, does that subSilver template expire after a year or so and maybe a glitch just deleted the myfs_footballitalia1 template instead!

It's not the end of the world as i can just copy and paste each .tpl file from myfs_footballitalia1 to myfs_footballitalia2 and then create a new myfs_footballitalia1 by copying the myfs_footballitalia2, but i figured if it was just something temporary or it could be fixed then it would be solved quicker.
myff admin

There is no expiration of templates, anything that has happened has to be something you have done.

I hesitate well can't make suggestions at the moment as I am at a loss as to what has been going on

I'm completely at a loss as to what i could've done as i haven't done any editing since last week when i rolled out the Report Post on the public template, tonight i just did what i described above.

All the code in the myfs_footballitalia1 template is there but i just can't publish it, this is bizzare.

Are all the myfs_footballitalia1, 2, 3 and 4 templates housed on the same server?

Just throwing ideas out there.
myff admin

my explanation would be that someone has accidnentally copied subSilver to footballitalia1.

Yeah i thought that initially, but then the myfs_footballitalia1 would have the subSilver code in the .tpl files, but it still has the JustyFooty code.

Also myfs_footballitalia1 doesn't show in the dropdown list of Template you want to copy (see snapshot in second post), so it was deleted from that list yet it's still in the dropdown list for Choose Template to Edit so i can go in and edit the code but i can't get it to appear.  

Snapshot of the Styles Administration...

I can't understand why it says the template for footballitalia1 is subSilver when the code is not subSilver.

I've configured the board to footballitalia2 as it's the nearest match.

I can finish making it an exact match tomorrow night and then create a new footballitalia1 from it so it's not a big deal anyway, but incase you come across this again with someone else, i was messing with the mobile portal and .tpl at the time the footballitalia1 disappeared so if another person does the same thing there might be a route cause in there somewhere, though i know it's strange that the mobile view features would be somehow connected to this mystery i'm just letting it be known that's what i was doing at the time, if it helps in the future.

Copied some of the .tpl files from footballitalia1 template to the footballitalia2 template to make 2 the exact same as 1, then created a new footballitalia1 from copying footballitalia2 so all back to normal now.

Still perplexed as to how footballitalia1 was showing as subSilver (with JustFooty code!) and also that footballitalia1 disappeared from the dropdown menu for Template you want to copy, i'm curious as to what the root cause is, but not to worry the main thing is it's solved.

Thanks for the replies and assistance admin, appreciated as always.
myff admin

Funny enough this area was discussed a couple of days ago, the style and the template are different things, so it is possible that some issue in the installation of a style ends up with them being different.

Even on the support forum we have one combination of "subFree1   subSilver".

It is a scary area to tamper with though, it has not been a common issue for people, and any "fix" may end up with bad consequences.

To be honest, i should of had one of the other 3 templates as an exact replica of the public template anyway, as backup.

Normally i just have one backup of the forum, from just before the latest new feature/coding i add.

Now i'm going to have two template backups, one just before i add a new feature/coding and the other an exact replica of the public template. Seems silly i haven't been doing this up to now.

admin (no pm's please) wrote:
Funny enough this area was discussed a couple of days ago...

I've searched high and low and i can't find that discussion, it's not my day i'm afraid, ah well. Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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