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This is my last forum as i gave the others away.
So far it is just me so i need some members[espeacally people who know nothing on wasps/bees]So i think
im asking the right people if you have any suggestions please feel free to express them.

Eh, why would you give all the others away? I like the look of the forum, but the subforums with no posts in them are unattractive. You could try making posts in them or just deleting them outright. You can recreate them if the need arises and posting goes up. I suggest talking to the owners of other bee/insect/bug forums to see if you could arrange some kind of partnership with them to increase traffic. I'd join, but bees aren't really a topic that interests me much. Lastly, stay positive. Summer is coming and that means bees and wasps. Lots of bees and wasps. Perhaps your incoming visitors would be happy to find ways to cure stings or keep the bees/wasps away when they're outside.

Yeah thanks i do in fact have a bombus impatience queen and another queen so i made a log on my site[took me some time to learn how to post pictures ]Anyway ill just have two main bee/wasp forums called bees and then one called wasps.Also im making a logo [it will give it that bee/wasp forum feel if you know what i mean! ]Done the logo and added the search function.

Well i have learned from a pro so i have added ants as he says they can sting and i do in fact have a small ant queen and so it will keep the site going in the winter time.

I have been posting more stuff like a bombus caresheet and other stuff.
Here is what the forum has right now
2 users
24 posts
here is what it looks like.

Instead of:

A site deticated to bees/waspsAnd Ants!

your sub-title might look better as:

A site dedicated to Bees, Wasps and Ants!

But you're doing fine - keep working and thinking about it.

done and done!

Looking good. I'm surprised you don't have more members.

Lol i haven't told anyone thats why thanks for the compliment.

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