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Hi guys, thought I'd show some of the work I've been upto so far with my new forum.

Basically I'm trying to get away from the look of it being a forum as such, but keep the functionality of a forum.

Main Forum Index Page

Ok, with this, as it's the main part of the site, I've tidied it up, removed all menu's and links from the header, and altered the layout of the way the forums are displayed.

The forums themselves have been made unclickable, the user is only able to click on the subforum links below each forum, which will then take them to the view_forum page.

As you can see with this area, there is little displayed other that the topic titles, they will appear in a list so it will look more like a menu than a forum, no details about the poster or replies etc... are displayed.

Once you click to view a thread you will be taken to the following page.

As you can see, this has also been dramatically simplified, any posts on the thread will appear just below the topic as usual, however it will look more like a comment system than a forum system.

The removal of the reply button and the addition of the quick reply option means that users will need to use the quick reply in their posts.

This is currently all underway on the editor account, so isn't viewable by guests at the moment, and still a lot of work to go, but I thought I would share some of my progress so far. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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