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Mrs Belmarsh2

The Society of Canutes


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Forum Suspended

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I wish to find out why my forum has been suspended and to then deal with the issues to allow it tome re-insteated

This thread had the initial report and investigation into your forum:

I have unlocked the original thread so you may put your point across in there.

Society of Canutes

Hi , We were wondering when the suspension would be lifted ?

The people who complained about us have made far worse comments at soc  but they were deleted .They are deliberately trying to use the well meaning staff here to silence us.

We are willing to play by your rules .

Please end the suspension.

For information:

Since the closure of the Society of Canutes, members of that forum have moved to where they post using the member names and avatars of members of Female First they believe have wronged them. It's most unfortunate for their 'counterclaim' that posts made on The Society of Canutes forum were deleted, leaving no evidence. The reality is no posts were made. The  conduct of the former members of The Society of Canutes since the closure of their forum leaves little room for doubt that they mean to carry on as they did before.

Apologies for having to keep dragging this to the top, but these are nasty people who will not go quietly.

I'm locking this thread, Admin has already confirmed the suspension is permanent, there is no point dragging over the ground. We don't care for your disagreement, we take neither side. The reasons for the suspension were given, as were the reasons for the permanent closure. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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