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The Hermitage, Restore time, and Password help


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I need a forum restore, I'm aware it costs $10 but it may take me a while to get the money for it, and it may be more than the 7 days of back ups would allow,
the other problem is that i don't know what the forum password has been changed to since i don't know what email it was sent to,  can somebody help me out please?

a explanation of what happened follows

I was the head admin for the hermitage but a couple days ago there was a dispute and some of the admins decided to rebel.  One of the admins decided last night to delete all the remaining boards and to delete all but three accounts, and to remove the administrator status form the 2 remaining admins.  I tried to log in to the forum control panel but i couldn't remember my password so i asked for it to send me a new password but i don't remember the email address i used to register the forum or what the right password for it would be.

also the damage to the forum started at
6:00 PM 12/10/08 Central Standard Time
myff admin

You will have email some evidence of ownership to admin[at] e.g. the original email account, some password details etc.

ok thank you for the help

I've managed to find my password for the site now

I'm planning to buy a back up but according to the site it costs 63.57 GBP

and from the currency converters i've used thats averaging about $95 USD

what is the actual price for the back up in American dollars?
myff admin

A backup is an export of a site sent to you , a different thing to restoring a site from a backup which is $10.

oh ok then how do i buy a backup because the only thing i can find in the shop is the export
myff admin

Use paypal tp pay $10 to

But you must give us details of when to restore from and what we are expecting to find. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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