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The CMD Forums

I've just made a new forum which is completely unique.  There aren't any other websites dedicated to CMD.EXE!  Feel free to come and post something, even if it hasn't got anything to do with the Command Prompt (there's a general section for that).

Please respect the rules and remember that, should you ever need it, I shall always be happy to help with any CMD related thing.

Please make an account!

Thanks for reading.
myff admin

Well that is certainly a niche.

Mind you what I used to do when stuck at cmd, was to download the unix command set, so I could run a decent shell as the DOS level.

Hehe, well the unfortunate futility of the CMD utility can't play at me forever.  I'm going to add some PowerShell stuff soon, so that when CMD.EXE is completely gone I'll have something to fall back on.

not a whole lot is really needed with cmd anymore that I see, except people that are using unix and what not, possibly.

I say that because windows is really getting away from that so that back-end stuff is all their own. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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