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The Chillpill

The Chillpill is a everyday chit chat forum thats 3 months away from celebrating its 3rd birthday, it has a small community but is very friendly to old and new members.

We really lack male members thou so it would be great to see a few more of you over there, although all females are equally as welcome.

We tak about everything from general chit chat, sport, news, celeb goss, tv, to books and pets

Why not pop over and take a look
Ask Mr. Religion

89588 articles with less than 60 members. Wow! Now that is a talkative bunch. Forum looks well laid out.


Thanks for your comment  

I do delete non active members so we arent as chatty as it seems although we do talk a lot    

We would of had another 20000 posts on there if we hadnt had a prune a long time ago  

I logged on the chillpill yesterday to see a new thread started called sitting back and watching.....

heres what was said by one of our members

julie wrote:
I took a few minutes to step back from the forum and watch trying to figure something out and it suddenly hit me what a good thing we have here and why it's so good !

I then felt I wanted to say something - thank you all for being there for each other and me ! It's a rare thing to see from a bunch of very different people and I hope we can all carry on for many years to come and be there for each other in good times and bad.

So from me to all of you  Forum Index -> Post your forum
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