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The Chillpill ~ Who wants to link with us?

TheChillpill is a great , friendly place with almost 150 members of all ages.
We chat about everything and have sections for Paranormal, Nuthouse thats purely for fun,Join in the celeb goss in the Living Room, a girls only room... and lotsmore.
We really do welcome EVERYONE!
Please feel free to leave your link...but you MUST LINK US BACK...WE CHECK!!!
Danny M

Can We Do This - I Will Join Yours And Then You Join Mine

Yes..thats great...thanks!
Danny M

Ok, I Will Join Yours Now And You Join Mine When You Can Please

Allready have done...Thanks!
Danny M

Ok I Joined Yours Aswell

And Shall We Do Like 5 Posts On Each Etc Or Not

Yes..that'll be great...thanks again!
Danny M

Ok I'll Make 5 Posts On Yours Now, Please Do The Same On Mine

And If You Want, We Can Do More, Its Up To You

I would like to do one


Please pm me with the deatils!

Thanks...I have pm'd you.

ok thanks


Click My Sig I'll Do One With You

10 Posts On Each?

Is anyone else interested in exchanging with the chillpill? we have 160 members now and still growing

Ok, do as many as we can in each others?

link me baby

im wanting to get my site out there as well, let me know i'll reciprocate all linking! oh and a question is it enough to have the link in the sig line? post and we'll get linkin!


Hey! I will join just go to my site and pm me please! my site is a slash writing site...

I really would love the help.

Hey, I'd be interested too!

Here's my link to my forum

Funtastic Forum


I'd be interested in linking too, let me know how you want it done please.


We will be more than happy to link exchange with you all...but that's it!
No post for posts...just join exchange and post if you genuinely feel you want to.
Y'all are more than welcome.

The Chillpill has recently added an affiliates bar, so please feel free to pop along and leaveyour code with an admin for your site to be added but please add our to your in return, if you have one..Thanks

Here's our Code Code:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=""></a>

All the requested link exchanges are now in place, if anyone else wishes to exchange just let us know Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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