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Well here is my forum i don't recall if its been posted before so if it has sorry
The forum is about bugs and basicly any hexapoda or arthropoda [hexapoda is insect] and has
305 posts
58 members
i think it has a good chance of making it!Im just woundering how am i doing??????

Call me stupid, but I don't see a link to your forum... and the forum on your profile apears to be something else.  

Correct... no link posted, and no forums associated with your e-mail...

Woops i just wasn't looking......
here is the link for everyone  Wink

Some stats so far i think my forum is doing pretty darn good!
330 posts
58 members
im hoping to double the posts and gain 3 members by next week,wish me luck.

60 members
360 posts

Another MileStone!

We just got 400 posts!
here are the stats
400 posts
61 members
So now i'm thinking i'm going to ask all the members who post regularly to make 10 posts a day and see if it works.

Just wanna add something my friend and I may try to make a new hobby so we will be posting a lot of information on Dermestids[a type of beetle] and see if we can get others into the hobby! Forum Index -> Post your forum
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