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The Bothy

Maybe the best way to introduce you to The Bothy is to explain how it was born.

Until about three years ago, there was a trully brilliant (and by no means entirely Scottish) forum called Firstfoot. It was run by the much loved Fittie - a one-legged, Lebanese squillionairess who said that taking ourselves seriously isn't what Scots do best. The forum attracted hundreds of members from around the globe - and some glorious nutters, they were!

Thousands of wonderfully funny, mad, manic  posts - sadly, now lost forever.

Tragically, a few members began to take themselves seriously after all. Personal squabbles broke out.......... And the best thing I ever found on the internet just fell apart.

So, to try to recapture the mood and general looniness of Firstfoot, a few of us set up The Bothy.

We've been going for three years now, but it's only within the past few months that it seems to have livened up properly.

We're still nowhere as big and brilliant as Firstfoot, but if anything I've written above makes you think we might appeal to you, you'll find us here. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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