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The booziest bothy in Scotland

As the title implies, we don't take ourselves very seriously.

Here we are.

And if you link to us, we'll link to you.

I like it!

Already had a wee look round & some of the content gave me a chuckle or two!  

I'll post a link to the Bothyin our loinks section if you'll return the favour? We don't take oursel's too seriously either  Wink



And I'll go a step further and actually join your forum.

You'll find the link I posted at The Bothy under "Other PHP Sites."

Further to the above

Sorry, you'll find the link in that bit headed "Consensual Spamming."

Thanks Dosser    

I'll post a welcome in Wellies & join the Bothy in return  

Edit: Ye beat me to it  Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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