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Thank you Admin!

I just want to take a moment to thank you, Admin for proofreading your messages. When you posted this in another thread, it gave me a laugh.

I'm dyslexic to a degree and sadly still a poor touch typist. My posts would be chronically littered with typos so I use a spell checker to help and I proof read what I type before I hit submit.

I consider it a common courtesy to do so.

When I see someone asking for help who cannot be bothered to engage in such a basic process, I do not feel sympathy for any difficulties they might have, I simply feel annoyed at how lazy they are.

For a laugh having proof read to that point. I will now post my attempt at the same message without corrections.

I'm dyslexcix to a frgresd and sandl stilkl a poor touch typiost , My post would be xchroiniucally littlerdd with typoes so IU use a spell checked to help and  proff read what I tepe before I thi submit.
I coidier is a common cuuretuy to do so.

When I see someone aksing for help whok cannot befot bothered ot enAGSG INSUCH A Basic process, I sdo not feel sympathy for any diffiucltues thye minght havew I siml,y feel anoyeed at how lazxy there are,

I have a mild case of dyslexia myself, so I know what a struggle it is. But like you, I believe it is common courtesy to proofread before sending. I have struggled to get people to use proper punctuation on my site. I am awful at grammar, and spelling so I don't expect perfection, just so I can read it. Anyway, thank you very much for proofreading! I would have no idea what you were trying to say otherwise. And thanks for the laugh.


I don't have dyslexia, my brain is very stupid so I have to proof read quite a bit, thank god for spellchecker!
myff admin

It is quite weird to see  

My case is pretty mild, but can be frustrating. I lose count of the number of posts I have to edit once posted as I have posted "now" instead of "not" or visa versa. In a support forum context now/not does make quite a difference!

In fact in a support forum context every darn word or punctuation mark makes a difference. If someone says forum when they mean category or post when they mean topic then the meaning of a support question drifts into ambiguity and not only will someone probably not get the right answer they will be wasting the time of people trying to help

Not to some extent (whoops spot the typo, honestly that just happened) we can try and be forgiving, as people don't know the lingo, e.g. the terms topic and post are easily mixed up, I have probably even done that myself.  But we get inundated with support posts that are just plain lazy, they ignore the posting check list, they use TXT speak, there is no punctuation or attempt to spell correctly and all you can discern from the post is that "something" "doesn't work".

At the end of the day my attitude is that if you want effort from us, then we want effort from you to make it possible for us to actually make the effort. It is not a lot to ask.

Not a lot to ask at all, in my opinion. You get out of it what you put into it. If you don't put in a lot of effort to be clear, then what you get is not clear also. Works that way with almost everything. I admit I have messed up the terms before. In fact when you mentioned that, I had to look back at my message to see what term I messed up on.   I am just not familiar with all of them. But I am slowly learning.

Have a great day!


I like to be accurate with my posts... as in no typos, and somewhat accurate punctuation.  But I don't discount others for it, as long as they make the effort to be correct.

For those of you that don't know, or have trouble spelling, use Firefox because it has a built-in spell check that can be a major help (it doesn't have every word, but it has a majority of them). Forum Index -> Off Topic
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