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Testing a real shop with a Paypal Sandbox


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Hello, we have set up 2 shops on our forum. I would like to test the payment with Paypal process. I have setup a Sandbox with Paypal to allow for this. It states in the shop portal that we should be letting you know before setting a shop to Real.

1- How do I let you know, and does it have to come from the forum owner?  
2- Shall I do the testing in Virtual or Real mode? I would prefer Real... please?

Many thanks.
myff admin

I guess you have just let us know.

A lot of that is about letting us remind you of all the usual disclaimers which come down to all the risk being yours regardless of anything going wrong with our code.

I have not tried to work with the paypal sand box, and the "Real" code is set up for live paypal.

The recommended procedure is to test the basics in virtual mode, then switch to real. With a real shop with real payments you can still make payments and then refund yourself without incurring cost. This is how I have worked with paypal in the past, as I found the sandbox was a problem in itself.

Feel free to post screenshots of your settings and I will compare them to our live and working shop. We have been using the shop system for our own forum sales for years now and so we are quite confident in it.

Good morning,

Thank you very much for your answer.

I guess I did tell you then

Here are the screen shots:
Shop number one, with item settings. Memberships so no need for postage (although we do send stickers for free).

Shop number 2, sticker shop. Separate from the first one, will be used for other merchandise too later on, like mugs and pens and caps..... Shipping is needed on that one.

I will start testing payment in Virtual mode like you suggested. I think I'll still try with the Sand box first because I am working with a club account. It means that I'd need to "disturb" someone else to get the refunds activated as this is understandably an account I have not access to.

Again, thank you for your help.
myff admin

Sorry, but I can only properly compare screenshots that are not resized. I have to be able to clearly read them.

To use the sandbox, you will probably need to copy and tweak the javascript shop code. Making your own copy of the shop script is actually recommended for a live shop, as it stops any changes we make effecting you later.

Thank you for your reply.

I thought they looked a bit dodgy ...
Here are the screen shots on photobucket, hope that's better.

I have made copies of the nopcart.js and language-en.js already.
The 2 shops have been created as 2 separate portals, so I guess are copies of the SHOP portal. That created  cms_ltmshop.tpl and cms_ltsshop.tpl. Is this what you are talking about or am I missing something there?  

The problem I am encountering at the moment is the password. The checkout gets to Paypal ok with the shop email address, but stops to ask for the password. I need to look at a field to input it in so it can get passed onto Paypal. Any pointers please?  

Thanks for your help.
myff admin

Sorry still can't read the screenshots.

What password  is it asking for?

As you go to pay via paypal you would expect it to ask for the users paypal account and password.

Your own paypal password is not part of the process at all.

Sorry, just realised I was entering the wrong email address! Ignore my password request please, I have sorted it out. Or more accurately, re-read the script....

Will try and get the screen shots bigger. I didn't resize them so not quite sure why they appeared like this....  

I have made several Virtual test with the Sandbox and it seems ok. Will wait for you to have had a look at the screens before I go Real.

Thank you.

Hope this is better? Not sure why it gets resized like that when I save it?  

myff admin

Your tax setting looks wrong. You have a tax rate in, but not enabled. Are you VAT registered?

No we are not.

I guess it means I need to set the tax to 0?  

How do I get Paypal to show amounts in Pounds? I have put GPB everywhere but it still arrives in dollars, and then gets converted into Pounds.

myff admin

Does this help?

If you are not vat reigstered then 17.5 is fine as a tax rate, it should not be used. I was just bothered by the fact you had entered the rate and not set it to be used.

Yup it does  

Thank you very much for all your help; it is greatly appreciated.
myff admin

Please let me know when this is working, it is underused/underreported.

Yes it does all work perfectly. It's a great addendum to the forum as it's all integrated and all look like the style chosen.

The Sandbox is a tad complex to work with IMO as you need to create both a buyer and a seller account. But once it's all setup it's great and stops you having to refund anything on your own account. The payment goes through and the transactions seem like the normal ones. The email confirming the sale is also perfect. If you don't create a buyer's account and use your own, the transactions will show on your account but not always in the sandbox seller's account. And of course, you need to remember to change the Paypal post line in the shop to
<form action="" method="post">

No need to ask how I know.....  

The only problem I am having is that the cart is not reset when payment has been made. So if you have purchased items, paid for them and paid, when it takes you back to the shop the items are still in the cart, although you get the message that all is paid for and order completed. I have to say that I have not had time to look at it in details yet so not sure if it is a bug or there is something I have missed.

Thanks for your help and pointers.
myff admin

As far as I can see the CLEARBASKET flag was not being set when the return url was activated. That is now fixed.

Thanks! That is fast service  Wink

It's all working fab now.  

Thank you very much for all your help.

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