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hi, sorry to bother you again. my last post, i didnt explain correctly, about my problem. what ive done, is deleted the myff, default. and  installed fi black, which is now default,which i wanted. how'ever, im faced with this problem, i cant get rid of the fi, black logo.
ive, tried nearly everything, is thier any way, to get rid of this logo. or is this,  hard coded into this template. i, noticed at the bottom, of the template. thiers, a link which, when clicked, goes to, fi black home page. and, has  templates there. is that part, of myff. as, it says in order, to download, zipped  packs. you, have to join, just, wondered, about, this, Dave.

You, are editing a template, that does not appear, to be installed, in your configuration.
Possibly, the "style_name" or "template_name" in the file theme_info.cfg, does not match the template. name "myfn_daveskaraokeforums1"
This, is required for the template, editor to automatically, install the template. Please report this issue on the support forum.

The back ground logo on that template is called


you may have to go to admin panel -- 3 styles -- add --- myfn_daveskaraokeforums1

And reinstall it.


hi, symon, thanks, got it sorted, you guys, are brillient, Dave.          Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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