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keith ball

Template Error


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The digitalGold Template has a fault on that I don't know how to resolve. The 'Reply' to posts Button says 'Replay' instead. A small thing I know but can this be fixed on this Template. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Keith
myff admin

It would need someone to use a graphics editor to create a new button in the same style. Someone may volunteer.

How is this?

myff admin

Very many thanks

Have replaced in digitalGold.
keith ball

Thanks you Kat, that was a quickie. So I assume that all I have to now do is reload the Template. I'll get onto that right away.
Thanks Admin

edit: Worked like a charm, thank you very much for the help!

Anytime, it was a quick fix, easy to do. Glad I could help. And, I got a jump on Bravo that time because of the time change.  


GentleD wrote:
I got a jump on Bravo that time because of the time change.  



Next time gandaggit  Wink
keith ball

Template addons

Hi Kat, you obviously know what you are about with Template editing. I'm new to this so I'm a definite learner and my Forum has only been kicking for about 10 days. Another related question if I may. I have seen a Simple Machines Forum that has a 'Thank You' Button built into the top Bar of an Answer post. See Pic attached- I thought wow what a great idea for Members to show their appreciation if another Member does something for them. I don't know if this is possible on My free Forums Templates but any help would be greatly appreciated. I have done a search with this but to no avail - thank you button, add-ons, template add ons.....
regards, Keith

myff admin

That is less about template editing and more about a feature that we haven't actually got.

We have things like KARMA which you can award members, which might do something along the same lines.
keith ball

Thank you Admin, I appreciate the very quick reply. I'll look into the Karma aspect shortly Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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