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TCA (aka The Cool Atmosphere)

Hi there and Welcome to TCA the place where discussions about several different topics and news come together, just for you!

So you got something to say in almost anything!

Wrestling News & Discussions
News from around the World
Celebrity News and heaps more!

Please remember to be active if you do decide to join.

Please Note as far as activities go so far, there isn't a lot because I just opened this up on January 6th 2010

Nice and clean layout, looks like quite a few forums - but it's not really overwhelming.  Good luck with it all though!

Remember that general forums are hardest to get started, you need a LOT of activity from friends.

Thanks for the tip there Zudane now I would like to know, do you reckon that this is okay for a forum starter, or is there too much categories?

If you can get activity in each forum - then yes.  But remember that it's better to have 4 busy forums than it is to have 12 slow ones, it's fewer places to check.

If you want to keep as many as you have, you may consider hiding some of them (using forum permissions) and letting others be used more, bringing out the rest as they are needed.

My personal suggestion would be to keep fewer forums to start with, and then expand as needed.  Such as lumping all wrestling into a single forum, and if it gets busy enough to need multiple topics (busy meaning too many per day/week to keep track of) then split off a forum that covers the most popular topic.

I did what you have suggested, so I have combined a few sections, and deleted some, would this likely be a better way to start please?

Thanks again,


looks good!  Just focus on members now, try to get friends to get things kickstarted.

Thanks for the tips and compliment, now its off to me, searching for members and hopefully some friends will indeed join my forum! Forum Index -> Post your forum
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