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Hi, My name is Wayne Buckley and I created the

You could probably check that out through my ip.

Unfortuneately I was stupid enough to give trusted moderators my password and now he has changed the admin password and deleted my other ID off that forum as well.
Now I can''''t log in as either admin or my other ID.

I would like this Forum removed please and my apologies for being too trusting . I think I will know better again next time.

As it probably isn''''t valid any more my admin password was
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putting passwords out in public not recommended
and wally26 password was
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putting passwords out in public not recommended

but I think it would just be easier to start over again


PS. I still have a copy in my inbox of the original email sent when I started the forum if you need me to forward that to you , I can

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Adding your topic randomly on the end of another thread may lead to it getting missed, hence the split topic for your forum

Log in via the control panel here:;task=loginforum&Itemid=27

Giving your passwords out to anybody is not a good idea.  I can't think of any situation where that would be needed whatsoever.


It looks like he has taken over the whole thing, my pw isnt working, and that control panel didn't work.
also i think he has changed email address on admin because that didn't work either



Here's the original email when i first started the forum in August.
Hopefully that is enough for proof of ownership.
i blanked out the private bits

myff admin

You will need to email that to admin [at] with the password details

email posted

I forwarded the original enail onto that address,

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