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Are we able to register our forums to use Tapatalk?

I've tried searching but only came up with the one thread that didn't really seem to have an answer.

I've upgraded to PHPBB3 and my forum is registered with Tapatalk, I just can't figure out how to get it to work.
myff admin

Tapatalk is installed, and I had been hoping someone technically capable would follow through on it.

Please bear with me though, I will see if I can get it to work on a forum in the next week or two.

I logged a ticket with tapatalk as I thought it was a problem on their end. It seems their server needs to be able to access the /mobiquo/mobiquo.php in my root directory.

Does this mean the plugin isn't installed?
myff admin

It is installed but probably not quite working.

Can you update this thread once you have something working?
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