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myff admin

Tapatalk (mobile access) for phpBB3

I can now verify that this seems to work on:

In essence tapatalk is a phone app dedicated to providing mobile access, and hence likely to be better than our own efforts with templates.

You can install it here.

You have to do it for each forum, NOTHING needs downloading apart from your phone app, as we have preinstalled all the code. But you do need to edit overall_header.html as per their instructions.

Not available for PHPBB2
myff admin

No this is strictly phpbb3 and as it is app based it is very unlikely we will get a phpbb2 version going.

Though you can of course continue to very viably use our forums via a mobile. I do that all the time and find the mobile template very workable.

However finally there is something on the table that for some people may make a phpbb3 upgrade a worthwhile proposition. Previously I have strenuously said avoid phpbb3 like the plague as you lose a lot of what we offer with phpbb2 and phpbb3 is a pain in the neck to admin.

I'm far from convinced that Tapatalk tips the balance the other way, but it is an undeniably good feature.

thanks for the addon, great feature to have

Hi Admin, great news that you have catered for this app!

Only concern is as below screenshot. It says it's not published until an update is done, you know anything about this? It gives me the message after I click on "verify installation status".


Could anyone please tell us if it a Tapatalk or MYFF issue? Thanks. Our users are getting a message on their smartphones that tapatalk is enabled but cannot locate the forum due to it not being registered on the Tapatalk network (pending the update).

Hi Admin, the response I got from Tapatalk support, I hope it helps for other forum owners too. Can we do the update please admin? Thanks.

Hi Drazen, looks like you have version 3.0.3 installed so you need to upload the latest version 3.1.0

version = pb30_3.0.3
is_open = 1
guest_okay = 1
php_extension = php
reg_url = ucp.php?mode=register
hide_forum_id =
shorten_quote = 0
check_dnsbl = 1
api_level = 3

disable_search = 0
disable_latest = 0
disable_pm = 0
disable_bbcode = 0

report_post = 1
report_pm = 1
mark_forum = 1
goto_unread = 1
goto_post = 1
get_latest_topic = 1
no_refresh_on_post = 1
get_id_by_url = 1

mod_approve = 1
mod_delete = 0
mod_report = 1

soft_delete = 0
delete_reason = 0

Hi admin?

Any feedback please...
myff admin

sorry missed the thread will get the new one installed shortly
myff admin

I would point out though that you are posting in an announcement thread in direct contravention of the posting checklist.

Keep it to one support question per thread, if you have another question start a new topic. This will help others using "search" to find answers.
myff admin

the latest version is now installed. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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