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Sweet Cakes Bakery Forums Logo

Hi my names is Craig and I run a small Bakery in Cleveland, Ohio and I started a forum to use my website for my business. It will be posts related to my business and for my customers to read. They will be able to come and make suggestions and comment on our services, as well as find some recipes I plan on posting in the future.

I was wondering if anyone might be willing to take on the task of creating a kind of basic logo for my forum?

I was searching on Google and typed in Bakery Logos and I saw a really awesome one

It reminds me of the Starbucks logo in a way and that is exactly what I am looking for just with a different color scheme in mind. I would like some red and white to be used as the main colors and any gradients if possible with text or just to spice it up, but the above image is a perfect example. It is not too much, just very simple and looks almost like its own brand.

I would like the text "Sweet Baby Cakes" included as the name for the logo like how they did above ^

If anyone could come up with something for me I would really appreciate the help and I would have to mail you some pastries!

This is the one I came up with.


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