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myff admin

Swanning off?

When we get our new big server, there will be no room in the rack for it  

Hence Swan or Enterprise will have to follow Andromeda into exile elsewhere in the datacenter.

I had been thinking of moving Swan, but looking at it Enterprise will be the more logical candidate at this stage.

Which kind of begs the question as to whether it is still needed at all? Enterprise only runs 4 virtual servers now, at maximum it us using the equivalent of 2 of its cores.

There is little sense in running it at all unless there is something sensible to transfer back to it following a move.
myff admin

Interesting to revisit some of these decisions.

Swan since July has continued to work 100% reliably following its RAID card replacement and runs the backup and gallery system.

Enterprise now runs the "Slarti" forums some test systems and a part of the firewall.

All managed to stay in the rack.

But now with another server on order the same issue arises without a get out to the issue of something having to go, and it is still the case of questioning whether our venerable old servers still swing enough weight?

I know I am still reluctant to pension anything off. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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