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Suspended forum


Please can this forum be reactivated?

myff admin

Please clean any spam.

I'm not an admin so can't deal with the spam. If you were to contact the admin I don't know if you'd get a response, I'm happy to be made an admin though (my username is goosebogey.)

Another question, I'm going to try and use the PM system to contact people, hoping that it'll go to their emails - is there any way to show the contents of the message in the email, rather than the generic 'you have a PM' content?
myff admin

You are asking to me made owner, to do this you need the support of the members via a thread that will show they want you to be the owner.

The PM system can't be changed to show the PM in the email.

Ok I have another question. I sent around 30 PMs, they all show up in my sentbox, but only 3 are in the deliveredbox. What does that mean? They all show up as a couple of minutes later so I doubt they would all have read it at the same time. Of those 3, only 1 actually replied, and that was 2 weeks after I sent it. Does being in the deliveredbox mean they read it by email, or would they have to log in to the forum?
myff admin

That means 3 people logged in and looked at the PM. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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