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Suspended Forum

Greetings, everyone. Sorry for the trouble, but I was wondering/hoping if I could get my old forum unsuspended? Not sure the exact reason why it was terminated, most likely spambot flooding that I got lazy with cleaning out, but I'd greatly appreciate it if CR603 was put back up.   Whatever the reason for I apologize, and if the forum is put back in tact I'll do my best to prevent that problem from happening again. The forum's pretty much dead and all the members are gone, but I've got some great nostalgic memories there that I enjoy reminiscing on, and it aches me that I can't access any of it now. If I'm given a second chance I'll make sure it's all tidy, as well as making an attempt to bring back old members while recruiting new ones.

Thanks, Sapp - Proud MyFF user over 6 years
myff admin


This was I think simply uncontrolled spam. So please clean house.

Will do, thank you!  
myff admin

I see you are on it already

-> Bots' posts deleted
-> Email activation now required for registration (Which this could have all been avoided had I done this from the get go )

Now I'm hoping enough members respond to the email I sent out about getting the ol' community back. I've got a good feeling about this. Thanks again for giving me the second chance! If anything this gave me the motivation to get active within MyFF again. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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