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Support forums

I have a few support questions on some other support forums currently and there has been just about no useful response and by now I don't expect to get any

We may get the odd complaint from people who seem to think they should get personal email support and not have to use the support forum like the Hoi polloi, and I expect some people resent the fact that we do generally try and get people to look up the answers for themselves if they are readily available and we expect people to DO themselves as a rule.

But at least people get an answer and if they put the effort in they will be taught a lot.

I still reckon we rank as about the best support forum I have seen.

By a long long way.

Some of the others you're lucky to get an answer at all

Yes and a lot of times they take days to answer. You guys have always been real quick in my opinion. I would say you are up at the top. And I like that you urge people to do it themselves. Otherwise how else are you going to learn?

Keep up the good work!


Especially considering it's a free service, I almost never get the service I want anywhere else, but here every time I have had a question or problem I couldn't find the answer to, I have gotten a good response or at least a "We'll check into it" response (plus when you say that, you actually do look into it) within a few hours top.

Very good service and it is much appreciated by your members.

Ditto, ditto, and ditto. The support here is or has been better than some paid support and this is free! I really put this place on top. To bad all companies can't be like this, but then again this is not a perfect world.  

I completely agree with you Admin; you're support (as well as Nick and Bravo's to name a few) is more admirable

On every other support forum I've used you get no where unless you pay extra for a help service Forum Index -> Off Topic
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