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myff admin

Sunday 23rd January tip of the day

If your main priority is running a forum and not the "tech" then stick with our version of phpbb2 which as you can appreciate I'm sure is a greatly enhanced version, rather than going for an "upgrade" to phpbb3.

The last week has once again given added impetus to that point, in the last week the anti-spam systems on phpbb3 have once again been broken and Admins are having to spend their time fighting spam

Our custom phpbb2 anti-spam system has remained unbroken for the last 3 years (at a guess, I'd have to check the date we put it in).

Equally there have been no security vulnerabilities in our version of phpbb2 for years, yet one was discovered in phpbb3 fairly recently. Obviously we patch such vulnerabilities very quickly, but I think it is safe to say you are a bit more secure on phpbb2.

When you compare our phpBB2 feature list with phpBB3, I think we score higher when you consider what people actually need in a forum, and I think this will stay the case for quite a long time to come.

The problem is from our point of view, we cannot add much of our phpBB2 extra features to phpBB3, as phpBB3 is under active development.

Again this active development is a reason to steer clear unless you like playing with the "tech", in the last few releases each release has (quite pointlessly in my view) introduced template changes that have broken functions in peoples forums, forcing them to live with the problems, reset templates to ones that have been updated or do non trivial edits to the templates.

Will this situation change? Well frankly I am not sure where things are going   But what I do know is that most people want a stable and functional forums environment where they can get on with running a forum, and that is what we will continue to provide. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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