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myff admin

Sunday 16th January Tip of The Day

We have so many features I think we should have a tip of the day at least for a while.

to make it more fun anyone can post a tip, but only one tip a day can be posted, and should be dated to let people see if one has already been done for that day. If the tip is good it will stay and if someone helps a lot here, there will be prizes

Tip for today is the hidden bbcodes. There are a lot of these and we will start with suggesting people read here:

Here is the note bbcode in use! [ note ]


Hmm, didn't know that, thanks.

Quick question, is there any way to change the yellow background?

I tried, but I can't find how.
myff admin

Not that I can think of, sorry. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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