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subSilver showing instead of selected theme


Template set: myfs_footballitalia1

The template myfs_footballitalia1 is appearing as subSilver even though the theme is an edited version of justFooty theme.
The tpl and css files in myfs_footballitalia1 are still the edited version of justFooty.
I cannot copy myfs_footballitalia1 to any of the other template sets because myfs_footballitalia1 doesn't appear in the dropdown list anymore, as shown in the attached screenshot.
In the configuration, Default style is set to myfs_footballitalia1 and Override user style is set to Yes
In the forum control panel i ran a database repair and also the reset of the subsilver theme but it didn't change the Default style to subSilver nor did it recover the myfs_footballitalia1.

Click to see full size image
myff admin

Take a look in styles management, there may be a confusion between template and theme that needs correcting there.
You may need to actually delete from there and re-install your custom template.

Thanks, seems that's exactly it.

I'll copy the code from each of the tpl and css files, reinstall the template and paste the code back into each tpl. Should be alright then. Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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