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Sub sub forum?

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There is no easy way to word this, but is it possible to make a sub forum within a sub forum?

I want to make a board, then five sub forums. I would like it so that if you click within that sub forum then you can have four further sub forums.

Would that be possible?

You can see on my homepage there is STWWW archives. Below that are lots of small sub forums. I would like to make it so there is "STWWW 2014 Archive", "STWWW 2013 Archive" etc etc. Then click in them to display further sub forums. I just want to tidy the homepage up.

I hope that makes some sense.

myff admin

Sorry can't be done, the sub-forum thing was a somewhat sneaky hack that avoided people have to modify templates to have sub-forums. it would not work with sub sub

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