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On the main page of the forum there are buttons that look kinda like a gear. Is there a way to change those buttons to one that looks
different. Say like a diamond design or a circle. Is it possible to change the buttons style?
myff admin


It is possible to do this, you can create and upload your own images and then edit the "imageset".

Yes that is what I want to replace.
Now to figure out how to do it. And get them to change colors. Never done this before.
Kinda new at this whole thing.
Reading reading and more reading.
Thanks Admin. I appreciate all your help

with phpbb3, they moved the folder icons to png format for the transparency, so animated folder icons are no longer possible, unless you have something to compile a collection of png's into the animated png format known as apng, but even then the imagesets config file would need an edit, so it's best to stick to standard flat png images, as they do just as god a job highlight the read/unread/locked status of the forum cats. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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