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hi there i want to add spoiler into my topic but don't know how to do it, can any one please help me

here is my link

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non myff link removed
myff admin

You must give the (myfree/myfast/myfine) link to your forum. A link should be given to the problem if at all possible. Do this whether you think it is important or not.

there is my forum link

i want to add spoiler onto my topics but i can't

please tell me how to add spoiler
myff admin

A search on here reveals endless threads on adding the spoiler, so does a howtodoit search.

What guide have you followed? what have you done?

i didn't follow any guide and i didn't do anything

i searched on howtodoit but it doesn't show me how to do it

please help me
myff admin

There is a spoiler guide on howtodoit. You actually have to work at things. If you can't be bothered to search howtodit for "spoiler" and read the top thread shown, then we cannot help you.

i have added as the howtodoit searched showed me but the spoiler is still not working

when i am trying to make a new post the spoiler button is there but when i press on it, its not working

please help me

hi when i was doing my spoiler, it tell me to add something on my bbcode but i can't find the thing it tells me to find

#-----[ FIND ]----------------------
<!-- BEGIN b_open --><span style="font-weight: bold"><!-- END b_open -->
<!-- BEGIN b_close -->
<!-- END b_close -->

it tells me to find this on my bbcode.tpl but i searched everywhere and can't find it, can some please help me

link for my bbcode.tpl

myff admin

The guides also say that part of the instructions are obsolete.

But I think these sorts of edits are beyond your ability anyway.

but i looked everywhere and still can't find it

please tell me how to find or tell me where it is
myff admin

As per you other useless thread, where you won't answer questions you are impossible to support.

I am putting you on moderation and suggest you go away and try and run a forum and not engage in mods that you are incapable of either doing or engaging in a learning process on.

hi also want to know how to add spoiler

i have followed all the instruction from howtodoit but still not working

please help
myff admin

Reregistering will only end up getting your forum removed.

You were given more than enough chances to ask properly. Even now you cannot be bothered as the above post is as useless as all your others. Forum Index -> Portal components
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