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myff admin

Speeding up the morning

It has not been so much of an issue to attract comment or complaint, but the overnight backups have been drifting later and later till they have actually ended past midday on one server.
This is largely because we have been slack in not purging the large numbers of forums people start and never do anything with.
I am now doing a round of purging forums like that, if it is set up and months later nothing has been done, then all it is doing is occupying a forum name someone might do something decent with and taking up resources.
An empty forum may have little data, but it is still something that takes backup time.
myff admin

Now edged down to ending just before 10am.

It is one of those things that is on an exponential curve, the longer it drifts in the times when forums are busy, the longer it will take.

Having got it to before 10am it should get back to before 8am quite easily.
myff admin

Now down to 6.30am, removed some major culprits phpbb3 forums that have been abandoned and spammed to death.
Spam messages tend to enormous, if a forum has been abandoned to spam for a month, then really a forum has lost all rights to exist.
A real community will have mods/admins there to deal with things. We just can't accept the system being trashed by abandoned and spammed forums.
myff admin

As the spam clearout continues we are down to close to 5am, but there is heavy delay in seeing the effect as by and large the suspended forums are being given 90 days to respond that they will fix things.
I plan to start shifting the backup time to later, it would be much better to actually start the backup as America goes to sleep. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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