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Hello again. After that my forum recently has been unsuspended, I am wondering how I can get rid of any potential spammers that I have been having and keep getting.

I made a question about this in my previous topic, but which may not have been related to it, as I received no response in that topic.

I am thinking of alternation of my forum permissions or to perhaps create/ set another usergroup to possibly avoid it, but am unsure what would be the most effective solution of all.

Please help me on this, it would be highly appreciated. Then I do not have to worry about the look of my forums or spend time on deleting spammers as much.

Thank you!

myff admin

Sorry missed the question.

But in reality it is just a matter of setting a good image CAPTCHA  system on the forum and then simply diligence.
We delete several a day on the support forum, and that's simply the way of the world, mostly they use low paid works to constantly post links, since you want new members they will constantly join.
We do operate a massive blacklisting system that vastly reduces the amount you get, and I mean that! you think it's bad as it stands now, but without us pre-blocking a lot it would be many times worse

I see, but what is CAPTCHA and more importantly beside that, are there any other options or ideas that you could give, or basically what should I do exactly?

Anything regarding permissions or usergroups to diminish it?
myff admin

You need to use the search a bit as there are a lot of discussions on spam prevention.
But permissions are not very relevant.

Best thing right now is too disable registration, as you mention in the other topic, the clan is inactive, so it shouldn't interrupt anything while you carry out the clear up.

So far on a gaming community I used to run, I only used the question and answer captcha and didn't get a single spam bot signup for well over a year and that's with over 150 unique visitors per day, it's certainly no guarantee, but it's a start. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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