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Just Jen


We are getting hit HARD with spam lately. I just deleted 32 accounts, from yesterday! We had one that was sending out nasty porn to our members.

Any tips on dealing with them? We have user account registration set up, and visual confirmation enabled. This just started happening within the past two weeks. I know it's just part of running a community, I just didn't know it would be this bad.

myff admin

It is looking to me that phpbb3 visual confirmation may have been cracked. In phpbb2 we use our own custom system.

I expect phpbb will have to release a better set of code.

Would there be any way to add in the reCAPTCHA?  That system should work fairly well.
myff admin

phpbb3 will no doubt improve their own system, this does not seem a good point to go off on our own.
Just Jen

Ok, we added a few custom profile fields on registration, so I'll let you know if that works.

Hello, could someone please tell the name of the website that displays a list of spammers.

I came  across a site the other day, and I cannot remember the site addy  
Help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks!

Spammers increase at an astounding rate per day, I attempted to ban them, but that is not very useful.

see this post for more information:

Adding an extra 2 fields for registration, simple answers with a description of why they are there (anti-spam measures), should stop almost all your spam.

Thank you for the info, greatly appreciated. Forum Index -> Running your community
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