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Something not right...

I just started a very simple forum a few days ago for an online game i play. It was working wonderfully but then i tried to add a simple SEARCH portal. I followed everything that was in the guides and then when i just enter my forum's url it says that i'm not authorised to view it!

Basically, I'd be happy if there were a way of resetting my forum so i can at least keep the name.

Thanks for any help at all. Here's the link:
myff admin

use the control panel to reset to subSilver.

Always use the editor user to test template changes to avoid issues like this!

but i can't enter the actual doesn't let me near the admin panel!

And i was signed in as the editer when i made the changes but when i went back to the forum index there was no change. How am i supossed to test it?

myff admin

which is why I said use the control panel....;task=loginforum&Itemid=27

Ah ok i missed that thanks....but it still doesn't work..

I check the box to reset the sub silver skin and then click save forum right? and then when i go to my forum it's still the same.. Sorry for being an inconvenience man. Thanks

EDIT: It's ok i got it to work thanks!
myff admin

it looks like subSilver to me...
myff admin

clear your cookies and then login as admin. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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