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Something is wrong, not sure where to post!

I am the new admin for

I went to the forum admin page today ... and all I get along the left side is a frowny face from Chrome, there are no links.

I have not figured out how to get an answer without asking, so, humbly I ask for help.

Thank you very much!

myff admin

Loading fine for me. Try rebooting.

myff admin wrote:
Loading fine for me. Try rebooting.

I have rebooted the computer ... several times. Now that I know it works for "someone" I'll try another browser, not sure though why Chrome would stop working with the admin page, it works great in the forum.

You are correct, it works in IE (which I never use, but fails in Chrome ... must be a setting of some kind somewhere.


chrome uses a different rendering engine to firefox and ie, so handles a pages code differently, but 99.9% of the time yielding the same result, so there could be a possibility that something in the code isn't playing nice on webkit browsers and would be something admin would have to check into

chrome works if ...

I disabled an adblocking extension I had in Chrome, and that seems to have taken care of it. Works great now, thanks! Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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