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myff admin

Some datacentres....

Not the datacentre we are in I might point out, but scary all the same

There are very very few companies big enough to be in their own datacentres, at least not as the most sensible option.

Companies pay to be in structures designed to keep things up and running with redundant power, redundant internet connections, security and of course specialised technicians on hand that have more expertise than your own staff are likely to have. e.g. over the life so far of myff we have had one disk drive failure on a RAID system, there is no way I am going to be an expert in that recovery procedure! Staff in a datacentre with 1000's of servers should be expert.

i like the technical term they used "titsup"  

Daniel(u1bd2005) wrote:
i like the technical term they used "titsup"  

Yes, was very professional wasn't it?  Forum Index -> Off Topic
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