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myff admin

Some adverts removed

No complaints received, but there has been a few "tooth whitening" type ads show These are blatant scams and will not be tolerated.
I'm in pretty constant liaison with our advertising guy to try and ensure quality, but adverts are a matter of feeds from feeds from feeds and I get the impression there are not that many publishers prepared to get tough and cut off feeds because there are a few issues way down the line.
It is of course hard to turn down revenue especially given what we have just put into hardware, but we will simply not run a service that shows adverts below some kind of credible standard.
myff admin

The tooth ads have kicked off again, threats are being passed along the chain.... We will get this sort of thing sorted.
myff admin

Touch wood we are sorted again, our ad man had to wield quite a stick!

The fact is the "money" is in shitty ads like that, and clearly there are far too few people with whatever it takes to forceably turn cash down.
myff admin

Semi sorted it would seem, the iffy ads where disabled but still appearing.

But to quote:


don't worry, we will keep hammering away at this until it is stopped.

if this forum have sixy advertisment or not

if this forum have sixy advertisment or not
pls answer
i dont want any adv of this kind
myff admin

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