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Social Media or Forums

The forum world has no doubt suffered from soical member like facebook, however are forums now dead or dying out totaly?

To me I believe that to have a good discussion a forum is always better than say a facebook page or group.

Reasons are simple..... threads categories etc are easily visible and you know where to post to get the maximum response.

On a facebook page it is just one scrolling news feed, so if you join a facebook page then you have have to hunt for a long time to say add your comment and views.

Also forums have better management, you can have private ares, close a topic make it a sticky etc, forums run for mainly the niche market now days and are no where near dead as of yet.

Social member attracts more trolls and more trouble, a well run forum deals with them a lot quicker, as a facebook page may attract far more guests etc that can come at a costly price.

These are my views ,,,

Over to you guys and girls.
myff admin

Its all about niches, social media is what it is, I use it myself, but FB is not a community. I still consider internet home to be the forum that was the forerunner to myff. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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