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So you think your forum has been hacked?

OK, First of all, what is hacking?
Hacking isn't simply guessing someones password, hacking means exploiting a bug in the software/program to gain unauthorized access.

MYFF PHPBB is secure
No MYFF Forum has actually been hacked, all the claims of a hacked forum have all been traced down to weak passwords, telling someone a password or a rogue admin.

If I haven't been hacked then why has someone trashed my forum?
There are a number of ways someone may have gained access, the main ones are:
1. Weak password - Passwords such as "password" and "hello" are totally useless, anyone could guess them. (also, think to your email account, if that has a weak password then they could gain access to your forum that way, along with many other private details/passwords.)
2. Telling someone a password - You may think nothing of telling someone your password so that they can install an add-on for your forum, but is that all they will do? (If you want to install an add-on then there are detailed guides on HowToDoIt.)
3. Giving someone admin access - Never give anyone admin access unless you are really sure that thay wont abuse their privileges, a rogue mod can cause a lot of damage, a rogue admin can do even more.

Whats the difference between hacking and what has really happened?
As said at the beginning, hacking is exploiting bugs/security lapses in the software itself to gain unauthorized access, whereas the methods of gaining access listed above are people exploiting your weaknesses.

So, now that I know I haven't been hacked, is there any way to restore my forum?
Fortunately Yes, you can pay a small fee for you forum to be restored.
You can get your forum restored to when it had posts from one of the 7 days of backups.
You will need to specify roughly how many posts there were.
Once the 7 days have passed then you wont be able to get you forum restored as the backups will all be of your trashed forum, so make sure that if you're serious about your forum you get the restore as soon as you can to avoid losing all your hard work.
myff admin

A very good post, funny I was just thinking about one of your statements before I read your post


No MYFF Forum has actually been hacked, all the claims of a hacked forum have all been traced down to weak passwords, telling someone a password or a rogue admin.

I had been thinking in response to a thread of posting something like, "there has never been an authenticated case of a myff forum being hacked", but I has decided that this was far to feeble a statement, whilst I don't like arrogance there is no getting away from the truth that as you say "No MYFF Forum has actually been hacked", we have had a hack on a server   and once long ago I did realize that one of our features did have a nasty vulnerability, but that was fixed before anyone figured it.

That fact highlights one of the core points about hacking!

Most actual hacking is done on open source systems where people has examine the source code to spot the vulnerabilities, when a vulnerability is found, the damage is then done by "script kiddies" who have no ability themselves, but  who download scripts that have been written by an actual hacker and use the scripts like the mindless vandals they are  

The open source parts of myff are kept quickly up to date with security patches, and the other parts are also written with a pretty paranoid view of security, but they are doubly protected in that attacks would be blind. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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