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So confused!

Ok I just started my own forum. Its for military spouses to get support. Ive tried reading other threads about how to get it on google but Im kinda computer dumb. What do you mean by linking the site? I know there are plenty of military spouses searching for this stuff because there are a few sites like it. If you could just explain it to me as well as possible. TIA

Kay, if you look in the signature of this post you will see a link. Are you UK based? If so, you need to approach some other websites and ask them to post a link to your forum. Are you anything the do with 42CdoRM? If so, let me know as I have a few contacts on their site.

Im in the US and I have no idea what 42CdoRM is. There are a few Military support places but they will not link for me.

OK, what about you joining some other forums and putting a link in your signature. Leatherneck has a huge forum and an area for spouses... try them or lok at their links. If you are an Army wife, try their sties, same for USMC, USN or USAF. If you are from a camp area, try the local town website, try the local base website...

Im a CG wife so their base is a lot smaller. Forum Index -> Search Engines
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