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Smilies and code problem

Hello everyone. I'm the admin at

Since updating to Windows 10, several of my users have been having problems with emoticons and code position when replying to a message through the quote button. Basically, every time an emoticon is added or a part of text is highlighted to add code (quote, B, i etc) the given command doesn't appear where it's meant to, but at the bottom of the entire message.

To make it clearer with an example, they would get "funny, I can't believe it [-b] [-/b]  " instead of the intended "funny   I can't believe it" unless they manually reposition everything before posting the message.

Also, clicking on any of the bold, italics, quote etc buttons resets the cursor at the top of the message, so they need to once again click where they were writing before they can resume.

The problem seems to occur without distinction on Chrome, IE and Edge (latest version)

Any ideas on how to sort it out?

Many thanks!!
myff admin

I'd ask them about adblockers, or anything that might interfere with the page.

Hi, and thank you for your reply  

I already asked, but nothing obvious comes to mind. Considering it's happening with all browsers, it sounds like a Win10 default setting that is creating conflict, but no idea how to find out which.  

Have you tried changing the template?

editor wrote:
Have you tried changing the template?

No never tried that. Do you think it could be something in the template's code? We really like that look and have been using it for several years now. Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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